Monday, 1 October 2012

Tim Cumper - Through Another's Eyes

Tim Cumper brings up the following perspective for you to consider.

It is very difficult to ascertain, when looking at the Search Engine Results Pages - precisely what is going on.
In a constant state of flux - one would need the eyes and mind of the Google Page-ranking Algorithm to receive a clear picture.

However, despite this, and considering that the material being published by the propaganda campaign is being honed by people expert in the field of Internet Search Engine Optimisation - it is clear that they are investing their best effort to succeed, by aligning these efforts as best they can, with the requirements of the search algorithm.

Whether or not the people concerned would ever admit now, to deliberately conducting a campaign (which is unlikely) - the results of the combined efforts of more than one person - already reveal that this is precisely what is happening.
We have already seen, from the initial stages of this onslaught in 2008 - written admissions from several of the 2 dozen or so people involved that they were actively engaged in a SEO campaign - so we know that this is their style - whether conducted openly or in stealth.

The renaming, re-labeling, re-tagging of the material pages which had been filtered out by Google's positive action to my requests to remove certain URLs from their search pages, in a circumvention move, the fresh appearance of numerous pages tagged with my name - all originating in the blogs and websites administered by John Phillips Bengero, Noemi Lardizabal-Dado & Reyna Elena, (the original 3 people) - demonstrate clearly who are the remaining and most energetic activists.

It is clearly apparent that this is still a continuation of the original campaign - but with a shift of target, from burying my story - to burying me.
Initially this shift was accompanied by the familiar feeding-frenzy of flippancy and mockery that has been the campaign's consistent style since day one.
For one reason or another - this has now totally disappeared into a chasm of silence - leaving only the remnants of previous battles soiling the ground.

Silence is the new weapon of the campaign.
The campaign has now advanced to automatic status, whereby it self-generates perpetually, with little need for optimisation or tweaking.
The html links, buried in the templates of websites by these main protagonists - automatically generate results in the SERPs - while the normal blogging business of these people is resumed.
With every new page written in their day-to-day blogging - the links bring the campaign secretly to the surface - a foul slick rising from submarine activity beneath - silent - stealthy - deadly effective.

As with all submarine activity - silence is the rule.

The people concerned have outgrown the need to engage, to expose their attitudes and personal comments -  showing up their complete lack of sound, ethical motive and their twisted hypocrisy - they wish no longer to reveal any more their tactics of humiliation & deceit - for these things all reflect badly on themselves.

No - what suits their cowardice with perfect comfort - is to skulk in determined silence - to let a completely vacant void echo my pleas for conciliation (after four years) - tipping the barbs of their secret activity with the poison of deliberate frustration - lending the impression that forces have been disbanded, that the weapons are now unmanned.

Yet another lie - camouflaged by cunning.

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