Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Tim Cumper - Proof of Vengeance.

Tim Cumper says "If more proof were necessary that the tactics of John Phillips Bengero (Jepoy) are nothing short of spiteful and malicious - read on."

Tim Cumper - Jepoy's vengance.

Here is another extract from the pages of "timcumper.com" & "The Tim Cumper Watch" - in which Jepoy rightfully and observantly points out that I had taken all material causing these people their alleged grievancies - out of circulation.

That is exactly what I had decided to do - however - rather than delete the blogs immediately I promptly placed them all in "draft" mode - but the reason was deliberate in finally bringing them out of circulation - hoping that this would gradually bring an end to the seemingly interminable conflict occurring online.

How wrong I was in that assumption.

For shortly after Jepoy's discovery that my blogs were "off-air" - I discover that he had cloned my 34 page blog - plus the other 3 blogs - and was offering exact copies up to the readership at his newly acquired domain name (registered by Noemi Dado - see Tim Cumper - Good Timing) - "timcumper.com" - material that had been previously assembled & displayed by him at a sub-domain of gameops own website "The Tim Cumper Watch" - a website demonstrating a technique known as "scraping-the-barrel" - in order to twist & distort my story - distilling every drop of poison possible to assist their propaganda campaign.
Such a vast store-house of absurd accusations, lies and arrogant bigotry - that deserves only to be removed entirely from the Internet - illustrating, to perfection, the collective mind-set of all collaborators in the campaign.
Illustrating - better than anything else - the type of sordid atmosphere that is germane to racketeering, organised crime, confidence tricks & scamming - the sort of collaborative covering up and deception suspected in the very story that these people attempted to bury - a probability so vehemently denied by this self-same group of people.

Originally - as is patently obvious by the key-words & tags used in its initial stages - the SEO campaign was designed to profess the innocence of the real estate company, named by myself in the story.

A little history of that story.

Conceived as a memento - a photo-journal of my blissfully happy romantic trip to meet the girl of my dreams.
This was hosted - and was completely private, save for a few "friends" - on MySpace.
Let me stress - it was not publicly accessible - and made no appearances whatsoever in the search engines - to all intents and purposes, it was invisible.

When things started to go awry, I continued with the writing of the story - and as a strengthener to my position - when my pleas for official contact or documentation were not met - I sent the real estate firm and the girl the URL of the story (see Tim Cumper - Change of Mind)- made briefly public and accessible to them, so that they could be aware of my serious intent - hoping that this would stir them into action in sending me the proof that I so urgently required.
The key here is that they were among very few people who knew of its existence.

Tim Cumper - Blog Reveal

The signs up to this point were looking increasingly suspect - two previous requests for money in the month of my return to the UK - and instructions to send the money for this, the third request, via Western Union - instructions I received 2 days before my previously arranged 2nd trip to visit the girl - I would have overtaken the money - there was a 3 day hold on money transfers to the Philippines.
All the classic signs of a "hospital type scam" - so very popular from these islands.

Apart from perhaps one critical area - the fact that, yes - we had slept together and engaged in unprotected sex during my first trip a month previously.

However, as such - this represents a golden opportunity for a scam - if there were any inclination, any slight deviation towards this intention - here was a chance to cash in.

Again - we are steeped in ambiguity.

For one interpretation we need only believe all the information at face value - as being true.

But another interpretation sees the following ingredients.

The coincidence of the pregnancy being proclaimed a "false alarm" - on the confirmation of my 2nd trip - I could have had the girl checked for pregnancy when I arrived.

The fact that there is a small window of opportunity in which to stage a realistic ectopic rupture - as it is - the dates suggest that it was untypically rather early.
As the girl knew that I had no access to further cash once I had arrived on my proposed 2nd trip (no credit card) - the money would have had to be sent before I departed - ie - the emergency would have had to happen before I left English soil - the first suggestion was to send it via Western Union - the method I had transferred the 2 previous amounts of cash to her.
If our relationship had continued - after this episode - there would definitely be no further unprotected sex between us - so the first suggestion of a pregnancy by the girl (whether real or not - it has not been proved) - represents the last and only opportunity to use the knowledge, that we both had, of our previous unprotected sex as a distinct advantage in the likelihood of a successful scam.

All those pointers almost define the date precisely - to when I got the call "from the hospital" - 5 days before my second trip.

As you can see, it is impossible to detect "truth" from information alone - information reads the same in either case - truth or falsehood.
However - behaviour is more difficult to falsify - behaviour is always a genuine reaction to real circumstances - which effects the appropriateness and timing of a response, indicated in the emotional content and importantly, the context of any response.
Perhaps these areas should be regarded as stronger indicators of "truth" than mere information alone.

Nevertheless - this could easily be just as ambiguous to interpret - accurate perception is a rare gift - especially in stressful circumstances such as these.

But I have digressed.

The story was eventually made public after the revelation which followed all the previous ambiguity - of a scar that appeared to be fake - inviting one to seriously question the probability of that happening.

I opened up the updated story on MySpace.

Within the hour - my account there was hacked - and my blogs deleted - months of work - gone forever.

So I thought at least - and so thought whomever it was responsible for the deletion.

Who could it have been I wonder?

One of my friends on MySpace?

Who else knew of its existence?

MySpace were extremely wonderful - after some security & ID checks - they managed to resurrect the files from their servers.

At this point - convinced that I was dealing with a bunch of crooks - I made efforts to publish the story - from this platform at blogspot - owned by Google.
For the very first time I noticed an appearance of the story in the search engines.

However - ambiguity was still in my thoughts - I needed unambiguous, irrefutable proof - and hoped that the wide publication of the story would achieve that for me - someone, somewhere would know something about the actual events - either way.
The real estate company - in the face of all this publicity - would surely send me the irrefutable proof that I required - and then it would all be removed - job done.

Boy! - was I wrong in that regard.

I published a letter - linking to the story - on a site called Filipina Images - little realising that the web-site owner also worked in Real Estate in the Philippines.
In fact it was an article on the very same real estate company involved in the story - which first showed me the link to Filipina Images - I did not realise these were web-sites owned by the same person.

The rest - as they say is history - except that it isn't - because it is still going on.

Realising, perhaps, that the initial thrust of the SEO campaign that was organised - directly linking to the name of the real estate company - was only adding to the saturation of bad-press in the search engines - and was also exposing the various contributors to pointed questions from myself, for which they had no answer - and also exposing the bigotry and the feeding-frenzy of contemptuous behaviour - not nice - what was to be done?

What would be the answer?

Continue with the campaign - but change the direction of thrust - to purely a personal attack on the author of the original story - accusing him of "stalking and harassment."

Meanwhile - block the author from commenting on the web-sites containing the propaganda material against him.
Meanwhile - incite support from a vast and already established base of  blog-followers (from the Philippines) - by presenting them with a severely distorted and unsubstantiated account of what happened - that they will find irresistible .
Meanwhile - retreat into stony silence in response to any attempted communication from the author.

Hence Jepoy's continued acts of vengeance - to a story that he himself has faked - despite his admitted knowledge that I had removed all material  connected to their grievances from circulation.

Of course - as a protective measure against misrepresentation by his new website - going under my name - "timcumper.com" - I felt forced to reinstate those blogs which were out of circulation - and create even more - this time using their various names - in order to keep my head above the rising tide of pollution in the SERPs - for my name.

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